Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How did Momenti start?
In June of 2015, Leif Pearson, Momenti's flavor and ice cream-ologist came up with the idea to share with friends on a bustrip to Las Vegas. We are a family owned and operated business living the dream of sharing our flavors with the world and making a difference locally. 

Q: How do you freeze alcohol?
 If we told you we'd have to... AHEM. Momenti uses a proprietary trade secret to freeze alcohol of up to 13%+ alcohol by volume into our flavors. However, it's nothing unnatural.

Q: What is the alcohol content?
Momenti has around 5% on average abv though the volume of alcohol in each of our half pints is A full 1oz shot. Other flavors have up to Spoon responsibly and when possible..spoon with others

Q: Where is Momenti made and shipped from?
We make Momenti in Las Vegas, NV in a state of the art factory. Check out how it's made here in our very own cheesy Pop-up video style how its made video: The Scoop on Making Momenti

Q:How does shipping work?
Once your order is recieved, we will prepare your order in 1-2 business days, packing it on dry ice pellets and sealing it in a special insulated box. It's then sent via 2 day and you're sent the tracking.


Thank you and feel free to email should you have any other questions or comments.